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Question: Why is attic venting important? Don’t I want to keep air out of the unused attic?

Attic venting provides an avenue of escape for warm, moist air created in the home. This moisture, if allowed to condense on insulation or structural components, can cause mold, rot and possible damage. Attic venting, when installed properly, reduces attic temperatures in the summer and winter. In the summer, this helps reduce the cost of cooling the home. In the winter, it helps prevent ice dams and damage to gutters. As the sun beats down on the exposed roof in warmer months, temperatures in an improperly vented attic can climb much higher than temperatures in the air conditioned spaces of the home. The hotter air in the space directly above the living space

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If you're thinking about buying a home, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is: "How much can I afford?".

Read the following mortgage affordability tips before you set out to find the home of your dreams.


Consider Your Annual Household Income.

This is a key factor when determining how much of a mortgage you can afford. In addition to calculating your annual household income, consider any income changes that may impact your ability to make your payments. For example, if there are currently two major income sources within your household, would you still be able to afford your mortgage if one was removed? What if a child comes into the picture and your partner decides to become a stay-at-home parent? Consider all factors before

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Congratulations on the successful purchase of your new home!

You have almost reached the end of this particular journey, and all that separates you from the finish line are a few more key events. One of these events, is the moving process. Moving can be an incredibly time-consuming and stressful experience for all involved. A successful move requires ensuring that ket details are taken care of, step-by-step. Your NPG family has found that breaking the moving process down into steps makes this process more manageable, and affords you the opportunity to arrange your time accordingly. As a result, we thought we would take the time to share out tips for moving with you, in the hopes that this eases what is often a high-stress moment in your real estate

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Moving can be an incredibly stressful experience. Finding the right moving company can certainly alleviate some of the moving-day stress, but what to look for out of the many choices available to you. 

1. Do Your Homework:
Take the time necessary to research the various companies you are looking at, and consult as many reviews as possible. Google Business can be a great source for this information. You can also contact the consumer protection agency, or the Better Business Bureau, in order to see whether they have received complaints about these businesses.

2. Get an Estimate:
NPG highly recommends that you have a representative from the moving company come and review the items you want to move prior to enlisting their services. This assessment is incredibly

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We are so excited to announce that Calligraphy Building II in Mahogany has now been launched!

Calligraphy offers some incredible scenic views that overlook Mahogany's beautiful and expansive lake, the courtyard, and the Rocky Mountains!

NPG has written about this incredible and inspiring Jayman project, Westman Village previously, so please click on this link if you would like to review any specific details.

In addition to the beauty of Mahogany Lake, Calligraphy offers you an incredible resort-style community that includes exclusive dining options, boutique retails and a 40,000 sq.ft. Village Centre with a fully-equipped gym, half basketball court, yoga and spin studio, wine cellar with a tasting room, billiard room, two saltwater pools, and

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Goats are an odd creature that periodically have captured the internet's heart with viral videos of them cutely hopping, fainting, or most alarming of all, screaming.

But now you can see them far closer, here in Calgary. Calgary Parks is in its second year of using goats to manage weeds in West Nose Creek, while the West University District at the Children's Hospital has employed the same goats to help weed their ridge. As you drive down Beddington Trail or Shaganappi Trail, you may see a hillside dotted these delightful hopping helpers.
grass meadow cute goat fur young herd pasture grazing small mammal fauna playful goats vertebrate quadruped romp young animals wildpark poing mustang horse
Goats are effective weeders, as they eat primarily broad-leafed plants, including invasive species such as dandelions and thistles, which plague our grasslands. Unlike other herd animals, they largely avoid thin bladed…
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I love walking through fallen leaves in September. I kick them up, crunch them down, and take joy in the sound, sight, and smell of the changing seasons. Beyond the majesty of fall’s displays, fallen leaves provide me a practical use too.

I hate picking up raked leaves – they make me sneeze and always try to escape my grasp – so I am glad to have an alternate use than throwing them all in my green bin. Leaf litter makes an excellent mulch to help plants survive our temperamental winters

The cold of Calgary’s winters is broken by our chinook winds. They provide a nice respite from the snow and ice, but they can also be killer for our perennial plants. Many plants rely on consistent snow coverage to remain dormant through the winter. With the frequent

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A list of common monthly expenses you can expect as a homeowner

Mortgage Payment

This will probably be your largest monthly expense. Several factors affect the amount of your payment. For example, the amount you financed, the term, the rate, the amortization and your payment schedule.

Property Taxes

Depending on your location, you’ll get a property tax bill two, three or four times a year. You can usually pay your tax bill by a variety of methods: a cheque to your municipality, through online banking, with your mortgage payment, or (if your municipality allows) automatic debit from your chequing account.


You may be responsible for utility bills such as heating, gas, electricity, water, telephone and cable.


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Your offer to purchase has been accepted. You've reviewed your mortgage options and now you need to finalize your mortgage agreement. Here is some of the paperwork you may need to bring with you to complete your home financing

Confirming Your Down Payment

▢ 1. Your CIBC Pre-Approved Mortgage Certificate, if applicable

▢ 2. Confirmation of your down payment. This may include

▢ Borrowed funds

▢ Withdrawal from RRSP through the Home Buyer's Plan

▢ If the down payment is cash from your own resources, 3 months of bank statements are required showing the accumulation of the down payment

▢ If the funds are coming from the sale of another property, include a copy of the sale agreement, including all schedules and appendices. If there is a

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Mansour Nasiri, RHI, Master Home Inspector, and an NPG consultant, has taken the time to answer a few questions. Follow Mansour in the "Ask Your Inspector" for answers to some common question we have received here at NPG, or post your own in the contact form below! 


Question: I'm currently looking at purchasing a home with some masonry. What could you tell me about masonry walls?


Thank you ever so much for the question. I'm not entirely sure if there is a specific question you have about masonry walls - the question posed is quite broad. If I don't specifically answer the question you have in the segment below, please do re-submit it, and I'll happily re-answer for you.


Answer: Masonry has been used in building construction for

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