Baah'd News for Weeds - Goats Are Taking Over

Posted by on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 at 11:34pm.

Goats are an odd creature that periodically have captured the internet's heart with viral videos of them cutely hopping, fainting, or most alarming of all, screaming.

But now you can see them far closer, here in Calgary. Calgary Parks is in its second year of using goats to manage weeds in West Nose Creek, while the West University District at the Children's Hospital has employed the same goats to help weed their ridge. As you drive down Beddington Trail or Shaganappi Trail, you may see a hillside dotted these delightful hopping helpers.
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Goats are effective weeders, as they eat primarily broad-leafed plants, including invasive species such as dandelions and thistles, which plague our grasslands. Unlike other herd animals, they largely avoid thin bladed grasses, which we find desirable in our parkland. In addition to their natural desire to eat our weeds, these goats undergo training and are constantly supervised while at work by shepherds and their dogs. Because of how well trained the entire unit is, the goats do not need to be fenced in to maintain their grazing area. However, rest assured that there is still a fence in between them and the roadway!

The goats have advantages over other means of weed control, as they are inexpensive, can safely access hard to reach places, are safe for the surrounding ecosystems, and of course increase soil nutrients in the area through... natural means.

The City of Calgary and University District have hired the company Baah'd Plant Management & Reclamation, and they are available for further commercial and domestic contracts, including clearing industrial sites, pastures for other livestock, or maintaining parkland. Plus they have a cute, retro video to show off their goats.

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